He who trusts in his riches will fall,

But the righteous will flourish like foliage.” – Proverbs 11:28

Have you ever said to God, “You stink as ruler of me! I’m off to find a god who’ll do a better job!”?


Even if you or I have never uttered such gross dishonour, it’s very possible we live our lives like that.

Idolatry takes many forms, but ultimately it’s the act of dethroning God from His rightful place as Lord in our lives, substituting Him with family, wealth, sport, idols, or anything.

The man who trusts in his riches is relying on God’s gift to him, rather than on God.

Money is like a vapour that slips through our fingers without warning, and it’s foolish to rely on such a temporal thing.

Sooner or later this god will fail to provide when the idolator most relies on it, and their fall will be great and destructive to their lives.

The righteous man is one who acknowledges the LORD as ruler of the world and his life, and seeks to rely soley on him.

His roots are firmly planted, and he will flourish like a plant in this world and the one to come.

Now, what can we learn as Christians?

Security is not found in a Crim-safe™ security door, or in income-protection insurance, but in God, and in Him we can trust, grow, and have our being.

Jesus Christ uses a very memorable parable to highlight how people must obey his words and live for Him, the Creator and Saviour of their souls. Read it here in Matthew 7:24-27.

Idolatry is not just wholly evil, it’s an utterly hopeless and dumb effort to ignore God.

 Thanks for reading! – Pedrozki (Pete)

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Note: All scripture is taken from Bible Gateway and is the New King James Version. I am using a commentary by John A.Kitchen for help with difficult concepts and words.

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