The words of the wicked are, “Lie in wait for blood,”
But the mouth of the upright will deliver them. – Proverbs 12:6

What is this proverb saying?

The wicked here are portrayed as willing to use violence to achieve their goals. Their very words betray them as murderous people.

The upright person here displays a wisdom with words that protects. This protection could be for themselves or perhaps for another whom they are speaking for.

In any case, the upright has a way with their words that is wise and delivers them from danger.

The wicked suggest violent and desperate solutions, while the righteous person seeks a careful defense to protect himself or others.

What can we learn from Proverbs 12:6?

First off, it’s okay to defend yourself! Regardless of whatever evil you might get accused of, you know the truth about yourself the best, so use wisdom and speak up and defend yourself. At the very least, you can  present your side of the story.


In terms of any choice in life we need to make, we should be careful of whose advice we listen to. We need wisdom to discern a godly solution. Man’s wisdom is to seek solutions that are violent, self-serving, or destructive. Seek God and his wisdom.

May our decisions be wise ones that honour God. Amen.

 Thanks so much for reading! – Pedrozki (Pete)

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Note: All scripture is taken from Bible Gateway and is either the New King James Version or New International Version. I am using a commentary by John A. Kitchen for help with difficult concepts and words.

Main image is courtesy of Emilio Labrador and the “More Reading” image is courtesy of Vermont Historical Society / Flickr – Creative Commons
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