The righteous hate what is false, but the wicked make themselves a stench and bring shame on themselves. – The Bible, Proverbs 13:5

Some places where else this is discussed:

Prov. 6:16-19, 8:13, Psalm 119:163

My thoughts:

Hate is a strong emotion. We shouldn’t hate people personally, but we are given free 8392533192_78cbf30d83_zreign in the Bible to hate evil. Evil deserves drastic action. For us to hate our own evil actions or the temptation to do them, we’d need to avoid them, stamp them out, and flee such things.

In this proverb, the man who seeks to be righteous despises any deception; he follows in what God hates. The wicked man has no qualms about lying, as long as it gets them what they want. Yet they bring upon themselves all manner of shame. So often the truth ousts us. We realise it would have been far better to have not lied in the first place.

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Photo Attribution: FLASHFLOOD®  Used under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.0


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