Proverbs 13:12 – Hope Fulfilled

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life. – The Bible, Proverbs 13:12


References in Proverbs to the “tree of life”: 3:18, 11:30, 15:4

Have you had a postage item that took months to arrive?  How about having an unforeseen prolonged engagement? You might relate to this proverb.  Expecting something at a certain time, only for it to take much longer to turn up, can be so frustrating.  No doubt the wait for something special would even cause you to wain a bit.

And how about for when the longing is fulfilled?  Once hope has been answered, the joy 42033489422_1de54f1dfb_zcan be palpable.  There are so many examples of such in the Bible. Hannah, who was barren, received Samuel from God (1 Sam 2:1-10 is her prayer of thanks).  Mary and Elizabeth (her cousin) were blessed miraculously with very special children by God’s intercession (Luke 1 tells the story).  Simeon and the prophetess Anna both were waiting and had been promised to see the Messiah be revealed.  Both saw Jesus before their deaths and gave thanks to God for his promise fulfilled (Luke 2:25-38).

Our whole bodies are invigorated when we finally can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Hope is certainly for things unseen, but some things are just worth waiting for.

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Tree of Life: 
John A. Kitchen speaks of the tree of life imagery being throughout the Bible’s revelation and “forms an inclusion”, from Genesis (2:9) to Revelation (2:7 and 22:2, 14,19).  I highly recommend time spent with Proverbs – A Mentor Commentary by John A. Kitchen.

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A Righteous Life Blesses Many – Proverbs 11:30

“The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life,

And he who wins souls is wise.” – Proverbs 11:30

Have you had the experience of being around people who are so loving and giving that it’s so easy to bask in that love and to love them back?

It is truly good to be blessed by people with such a way of life, and even better to then seek to pass on that blessing as a legacy.

I feel this is similar to what this proverb is getting at, that the life and deeds of a righteous person are an ever overflowing resource for others.

For me, the idea of a tree of life here hearkens back to the tree in the garden of Eden, and how it was never eaten of. The tree of life here, though, is an accessible and abundant source of blessing.2327591996_b17c5395fd_o

When one lives in such a way, in living by God’s Word every day with love and godliness, people around them are blessed, and there is much growth of character.

The faithful might never realise how many people they’ve helped to grow closer to God. The goal then is not to count one’s friends as any sort of measure, but to seek godliness by reading God’s word and living by it.

People can be drawn to a righteous person, and it is the role of the godly person to then lead them to God with all eagerness.

This is a very evangelistic message for God’s people, Israel, to bring in many who might be searching for God, and to teach them in all things.

Now, what can we learn as Christians?

All goodness comes from God, and we cannot rely on our efforts to become righteous; it’s all reliant on God’s good pleasure and mercy. The aim for the Christian is to become mature in Christ, who makes it possible for us to become holy. Ephesians has a great passage about growing in Christ (Ephesians 4:7-16).

As servants of the gospel, we ought to be seeking out people to tell of the great gift of Jesus offered to sinners all across the world! May we be wise in this. Amen.

-Thanks for reading! – Pedrozki (Pete)

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Note: All scripture is taken from Bible Gateway and is the New King James Version. I am using a commentary by John A.Kitchen for help with difficult concepts and words.

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