Wealthy Children of the Righteous

A good person leaves an inheritance for their children’s children, but a sinner’s wealth is stored up for the righteous.

Proverbs 13:22 (from Bible.com)

A thought: Leaving a legacy of good deeds is the best inheritance for your children. God honours those who please Him.

A prayer: Dear Father, help me please you with how I store up for the future. You have so abundantly provided for me. Thankyou.

Walk with the wise

Walk with the wise and become wise,

for a companion of fools suffers harm.

Proverbs 13:20 (from Bible.com)

A thought: I want to learn well. Am I buddies with people who will aid me or hinder me?

A prayer: Good Father, guide me to the people I should learn from. I want to become wise.

A longing fulfilled

A longing fulfilled is sweet to the soul,

but fools detest turning from evil.

Proverbs 13:19 (from Bible.com)

A thought: Immediate gratification is not an evil, unless it’s all we live for. May we long for things that have value and wait patiently for them.

A prayer: Jesus, you are my hope and I long for you. Satisfy me.

Whoever disregards discipline comes to…

Whoever disregards discipline comes to poverty and shame,

but whoever heeds correction is honored.

Proverbs 13:18 (from Bible.com)

A thought: Do I listen to or ignore wise people? I hate to be corrected, but I also don’t want to be ruined.

A prayer: Father, may I come under your discipline, and heed your correction. Keep me humble so that I may then be honoured. Amen.

What a trustworthy envoy brings

A wicked messenger falls into trouble,

but a trustworthy envoy brings healing.

Proverbs 13:17 (from Bible.com)

A thought: The way a message is brought makes all the difference. Done with evil desire, there is great trouble. Done with care, it can only benefit all.

A prayer: Father, grant me a desire to tell the truth faithfully.

Fools expose their folly

All who are prudent act with knowledge,

but fools expose their folly.

Proverbs 13:16 (from Bible.com)

A thought: How often do I act with folly? Probably too often. I want to consider more how I act before blowing it.

A prayer: Dear Lord, give me prudence, so I don’t act foolishly all the time. Thankyou.

What I want to do

It’s been a while, but there is always time to get back into a hobby. I love to write, and I want to finish what I started.

On Proverbs has been a project for many a year and already it has changed styles twice. Getting back into means I’m going to try another method.

This time I’m going to use a very simple format. I’ll share the proverb/s, give a sentence or two thought, and finish with a prayer. I will not borrow pictures if I can help it, as it takes time to acknowledge the author. It’s just going to be about the word and my current thoughts.

Proverbs is wisdom literature, and has implications throughout our entire lives. This being the case, we will always look at it differently over time. That’s not going to stop me from sharing and leaving my current thoughts about it for all the blogsphere to see. I hope it helps you also think carefully about God’s Word.

All the best, and God bless. Pete

Proverbs 13:15 – Hard Way

“Good understanding wins favour, but the way of the unfaithful is *hard” – Proverbs 13:5

(*or does not endure)

What is a characteristic of a wise woman? This proverb focuses on good understanding.

What is good understanding?

Good understanding here seems to be to characterising people who learn the right thing to do and who also live it out. They are willing to be taught and to change. They are promised favour with God and with men.

The unfaithful are the ones who learn the ways of God but reject them, having a way of living that turns aside. They are not willing to change from destructive habits or behaviour. There is hardship and fleeting pleasure in that path, we are told.

If we can listen to people in our life who will guide us well, we might avoid a lot of sorrow.

Thanks for reading!

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Proverbs 13:14 – Life-Giving Wisdom

The teaching of the wise is a fountain of life, turning a man from the snares of death. – Proverbs 12:14

Some places where else this is discussed:

Proverbs 5:22, 10:11, 12:12, 14:27

My Thoughts:

Have you a friend in your life you turn to for good advice?  Maybe you have a pastor who can speak to you frankly and with wisdom.  Life has many struggles and temptations, and we are never far from falling prey to the “snares of death”.

This proverb speaks of a wise teacher’s words being a flowing life-extender.  When he teaches well, God’s ways have an impact on his students.  I take a long time to learn and put wisdom into practice.  Thankfully, I have some great teachers who live out what they preach.173769817_3395be6100_z

The foolish path has many snares, leading to death.  There are many a foolish person ready to guide you to an enticing but fatal end.   Seek the wise people in your life and learn from them.  Their words will be a life-giving stream for you.  And then maybe you could provide a fountain of life to someone else?

Thanks for reading! Pete

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